Saturday, November 8, 2008

Belah, the Sun Woman. Quilt by Rosa Kitchen

In the beginning of time, Belah, the warrior Sun Woman, whose campfire was the only light on earth at the time, would kill, roast, and eat anyone she caught.

Kudna, the Lizard Man traveled through the country with 5 boomerangs. He found all his friends had been eaten by the Sun Woman. He vowed to kill her. The first boomerang knocked her into her fire and off the edge of the earth. The earth was plunged into darkness.

He threw the remaining 4 boomerangs to the 4 directions and the final he threw to the east, For the first time ever, a light appeared on the eastern rim of the Earth. Suddenly, a great ball of fire rose high into the air and traveled, ever so slowly, across the sky and disappeared into the western sky, thus creating day and night.

To this day the Aboriginal people of the Flinders Ranges will not kill a goanna or gecko because they believe the Lizard Man saved them from the Warrior Woman, Belah and a life of darkness.

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