Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bibee (woodpecker) and his Euloowiree (rainbow), Quilt by Iris Frank

Bibee much wanted to marry Deereeree, a widow with four little girls, who lived in a camp not far from his. Every night Bibee heard Deereeree crying with fright. Finally he asked her to marry him and share his camp so he could take care of her and she wouldn't be frightened. Deereeree refused.

Bibee continued asking Deereeree to marry him, but she repeatedly refused. He wondered and wondered how he could induce her to change her mind until at last he thought of a plan.
He made a beautiful, many coloured arch, which he called Euloowirree, and he placed it across the sky, as a roadway from the earth to the stars, and then he went into his camp to wait. When Deereeree saw the wonderful rainbow, she thought something dreadful might happen and she was terribly frightened. She gathered her girls and together and they fled to Bibbee's camp for protection. Bibbee proudly told her he made the rainbow, to show how strong he was and how safe she would be if she married him. Bibee's desire was fulfilled when Deereeree finally consented to the marriage.

Long afterwards when they died, Bibbee was changed into the woodpecker, or climbing tree bird, who is always running up trees to admire his famous roadway, his Euloowirree, the building of which won him his wife.

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